What is it ?
Put and Take is a simple game to learn with few rules, and you can establish as many variations as your tolerance for risk will allow.


These all new spinners are made using the finest quality aviation grade materials and state of the art CNC machinery.  Each piece is precision balanced for a top that will spin perfectly and last for decades.

MilSpec Tops are unique from other spinners because of their precision and the variety of options we offer. Some models have eight sides, some have six sides and still others are engraved as traditional dreidels. Each piece is polished to a bright shine and most engravings can be painted with assorted colors.

  • Personalized Gifts and Wedding Favours.
  • Promotional items.
  • Just for fun.
How To Play
Each piece comes with a laminated "rule card".

1.  The first spinner establishes the "Ante" amount to start a round. Each player puts up an Ante and there can be any number of rounds to a game.

2.  The "Ante" can be anything. An amount of money, tokens, drinks, even clothing, use your imagination!

3.  Any spinner can start a round of play and the top can be passed in any direction as long as it maintains that same direction for the entire round.

4.  When any player spins "Take All" that player takes the whole pot and passes the top. The game is then re-started with a new Ante.

The Markings on the Top Mean:



T1 - Spinner Takes one (1) Ante from the pot.

T2 - Spinner Takes two (2) Antes from the pot.

T3 - Spinner Takes three (3) Antes from the pot (PT8*).

P1 - Spinner Puts one (1) Ante into the pot.

P2 - Spinner Puts two (2) Ante into the pot.

P3 - Spinner Puts three (3) Antes into the pot (PT8*).

AP - All Players Put one (1) into the pot.
(including the spinning player)

TA - Spinner "Takes All", winning the game.
(re-starts with a new ante and the next spinner in sequence)

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